Flux Bindings Welcomes John Jackson To The Team

Flux Bindings Welcomes John Jackson To The Team

Torrence CA – March 17, 2015 – Flux Bindings is proud welcome professional snowboarder, John Jackson to their team. He will be very involved in the testing of new Flux Bindings and will have his own pro-model coming for the 2016/17 season. Jackson has always lived in the Eastern Sierras of California, originally from Crowley Lake, and is now based in Verdi, just west of Reno, Nevada. He has been chasing winter as a professional snowboarder for upwards of 13 years and he’s more into it than ever. Winning rider of the year and video part of the year in 2010 and 2011 for parts in Forum’s Forever and F-it, are just a couple of his many career highlights.

“Filming for Art of Flight in Alaska was an amazing experience,” says Jackson, “but personally, the web project my brother [Eric Jackson] and I did for Red Bull called Brothers on The Run was one of the greatest opportunities snowboarding has brought me and a major highlight in my career. It’s going to take many more years for me to be satisfied with where snowboarding takes me as a professional so I’m looking forward to the new horizons. But what am I saying, I’ll never stop!”

“Bringing John Jackson onto the Flux Bindings program is just radical,” says Flux global marketing advisor, Brad Farmer. “He has been one of my personal favorite riders to watch throughout my career in snowboarding. I think he brings a compelling story of big mountain riding to Flux that has been a large part of the brand’s roots for almost 25 years. We welcome John J to the team with open arms.”

“I’m really amped to be joining the Flux team,” says Jackson. “The first time I set up my bindings this year, I was amazed at how good they felt. Super durable, stylish, simple, and lightweight. That’s everything I look for in a binding. I’ve been putting the same pair of bindings through abuse all year and they are just like new. Sad to say, but that’s rare these days. I’m very excited to start this relationship and help Flux continue to create seamless board to foot happiness.”

Watch the welcome video now: https://youtu.be/pAvLm-449j0

About Flux Bindings:

As one of the only independent snowboard binding brands in the business, for 22 years, Flux has been making only the highest quality, top level performance binders to strap riders in tight for every ride. Flux encourages riders to unbundle their snowboard kit to get the best bindings on the market and join Flux for Life. For more information on Flux visit: http://www.flux-bindings.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/FluxBindings.


Never SIA on snow demo


As always the Never Summer tent  at the on-snow demo was busy all day with people eager to try out the new 2016 boards on the Copper mountain slopes.

Flux Bindings Snowboarding To Music – Squaw!

In episode two of Flux’s Snowboarding to Music, the team transitions to Squaw Valley for some high octane boarding. Within the bounds of the Squaw park, Scotty Vine, Ian Sams, Erik Leon, Ryan Tarbell, Tyler Lynch, Yuma Abe, Shaun Murphy, Alex Hereford, Blake Axelson, and Zack Wilmont find their own lines and participate in one of the simplest forms of enjoyment a person can find in winter: snowboarding to music.


2015 Never Summer Evo 4.0 Review


2015 Never Summer boards are landing on shelves as we speak. Do you have a customer who is just not quite sure if the Evo 4.0 is the right board for them. Check out this review by Mounatin Weekly news and you may just have a Never Summer customer for life.

Click HERE for the full review.

Sproat Lake Wake Open – August 9th & 10th



HO Sports Canada and Valley Wake Park Join Forces

HO Sports Canada is proud to announce a new partnership with Valley Wake Park in Abbotsford. HO sports will now be providing Valley Wake Park with Hyperlite and Byerly products for rental and purchase. Check out a few photos from a recent trip out to the park to try out the system.

For more info visit www.valleywakepark.com

IMG_6681 IMG_6777 IMG_6765 IMG_6751 IMG_6748

Whistler Demo Days

The HO Sports Canada team hits up Whistler during the annual Whistler ski and snowboard festival to show off the latest and greatest from Never Summer and Flux.

demo3 demo2 demo

Erik Leon and Ian Sams Flux with Japan

Erik Leon and Ian Sams Flux with Japan from Flux Bindings on Vimeo.

Wakeskating the Eighth Wonder of the World w/ Brian Grubb

Tailgate Alaska X Never Summer Graphic Contest


Tailgate Alaska is proud to announce our first collaboration snowboard with American snowboard manufacturer Never Summer Industries. The limited-edition snowboard will be designed to perform in the most challenging mountains on the planet – Alaska’s Chugach Range.

While Tailgate Alaska has always relied on the artwork of renowned artist Oscar Woodruff, this time we are doing something different. We are asking fans of Tailgate Alaska to design the board that will be ridden at this year’s seventh annual Tailgate Alaska event.

According to event founder Mark Sullivan, “We asked our fans on Facebook about some initial graphic concepts and they had a ton of awesome ideas – so we decided to turn over the design of the board to them.”

Graphics can be submitted from now until November 2nd, when the field will be narrowed to the Top 3 graphics for final voting. The finalists will be chosen by popular support on Facebook – meaning the graphics with the most likes and positive comments will move into the voting round which will be decided on November 9th, 2013.

The winner of the Tailgate Alaska X Never Summer Graphic Contest will get one of the limited-edition boards and a ticket to Tailgate Alaska. Email mark@tailgatealaska.com for more information on the contest or to get templates and graphic elements to complete the board design. All entries must be able to produce their graphic in high-resolution format for reproduction. The contest can be followed on facebook at http://facebook.com/tailgateak


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